About us

iGEM ​​Solutions is born from the motivation of two professionals to create a different company, which becomes a benchmark in the sector, always driven by our values ​​and principles.

Our experience and global vision of the intralogistics sector, especially in the fully automated distribution centers, parcel hubs and baggage handling systems, give us a unique and integrating perspective of what our customers need.

Our aim is to provide innovative, simple, reliable and competitive solutions that improve the productivity of our customers through consulting and automation of their logistics processes.

It is clear to us that not everything goes to reach the goal. Self demanding, integrity, flexibility and transparency are the basis of our values and our principles.

We are people who have learned from the best professionals in the sector. We have developed a practical career in the world of consulting, engineering, project management and execution, as well as in the commissioning and maintenance of different solutions.

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We are committed with our clients. Values such as honesty, open-mindedness, sincerity, commitment, respect for others, loyalty and discipline are key for us.


We are aware that we are in a changing world. It is clear to us that we must adapt to new conditions, requierements and demands from our customers.


We are fully transparent with our customers. We believe that things always work better by telling the truth in a honest, open and proactive way.

Self demanding

We seek to be proud of what we do. That is why we demand the most, in order to provide our customers with optimal and quality solutions.

Why us

Although it is true that there are companies that are dedicated to the same as us, we believe that none has the determination and commitment necessary to successfully carry out the greatest challenges. Our principles serve as a guide to go further in the challenge of finding the best solution. We seek to be the reference company of the sector and for this we seek to provide high quality solutions.

We have experience in the most difficult challenges with the most demanding clients

During our professional career we have encountered the greatest challenges in the fields of airport consulting, baggage handling systems, parcel sorting installations, intralogistics and control solutions using programmable logic controllers (PLC).

We work in a wide range of solutions, from the most technical ones such as PLC programming to the most analytical ones, such as airport consulting. We design, install and execute intralogistics solutions.

We like them to challenge us. The greater the challenge, the better we respond and adapt to the circumstances.

We go where you are

We will be pleased to work for you, regardless of your geographical location. We have worked in Spain, France, Portugal, England, Holland, Germany, Ireland and South America.

We adapt to your needs

We are aware that each client has their own needs. That is why we provide the best solutions, regardless of the requirements. We  have experience working in very demanding environments and with a high level of pressure.


We have worked in the design, engineering and execution of solutions for the leading companies of each of the industrial sectors that appear below. We believe that the demands of our customers make us better and serve as a basis for improving our tools, processes and methods.


With more than 20 years of experience in major projects in the field of airport logistics, automatic warehouses and parcels, we offer a wide variety of services that provide high added value to our customers. Our professionals have developed themselves from the base, acquiring the knowledge and necessary expertise to carry out the greatest challenges. We like challenges. If you challenge us, we will show you that what you think is not possible becomes reality.

Technical advice
Analysis of data, processes and flows, identifying points of improvement and areas of automation taking into account the return on investment. Layout design and conceptual solution with definition of specifications for suppliers.
Controls Engineering
Electrical and controls engineering of material handling systems for palets, baggage, parcels, flyers cartoons and totes.
Project Management
Planning, coordination and monitoring of the development of the project with the objective of strict compliance with functionality, time and cost.
Creation of models that allow to reproduce the processes of transport of materials under multiple scenarios, feeding the conceptual design. Experts in 3DSim, Automod and algorithms tested in any simulation platform.
Audit and retrofit
Installations audit, analysis of improvements and proposal of retrofit of logistics processes based on automation.
Design, installation and commissioning of intralogistics solutions
We carry out the design, installation and commissioning of logistics solutions for baggage in airports, parcel companies and automatic warehouses.


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