Parcel and flyers sorting system

Design of customized projects for unloading, transport and sorting of parcels and flyers, obtaining the best performance and maximum efficiency.

The world of online shopping has changed the parcel industry al over the world. It has gone from the selective sending of documents and information to the mass shipment of parcels with purchases made on internet. The traditional parcel companies and the multinationals of this business are making an important effort to maintain the quality levels and delivery times committed to the buyers. One aspect that must be highlighted is the flow generated by the return, its process and its management.

Technical Advisory
We analyze the proposed solutions and perform technical advice on projects from the engineering phase to its final delivery. We supervise the electrical engineering, control solution, installation and execution are correct.
Controls engineering
We offer advanced control solutions for sorting systems in the parcel sector. We have experience in all the processes that make up a system: unloading, transportation, identification, sorting and loading.
Turnkey Projects
We take care of the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of projects in the parcel sector. We supply material handling systems from the design phase to go live through engineering and commissioning.
We emulate systems under different scenarios. We work with different tools such as Demo3D, Automod and mlSim. We are flexible and adapt to the requirements to create models that allow processes to be reproduced with the utmost precision.

Why us

Experienced team

Our engineers have participated in the engineering, emulation, installation and commissioning of parcel and flyers sorting systems, with diverts, shoe sorters and crossbelt sorters.

Engineering processes that guarantee the final result

We have developed internal processes for the engineering and execution of projects that give us a safe base about the final result. We do not leave anything to chance, all project development follows a previously established sequence based on the topology, complexity, scope and volume of the project to be executed.

We use our own controls solutions

We have our own controls software and hardware architecture. We use tools for emulation, electrical enginering and project execution. With them and together with our processes we achieve a satisfactory final result.

We demand ourselves the most

The requirement in the search for the best solution and execution in the shortest possible time are our strongest points. Planning is very important to us and with it we guarantee the success of the project and the fulfillment of the agreed commitments.

Advantages of working with us

There are companies that can do it, but we do it with more determination and capacity. In the parcel industry, we have a high level knowledge of the key points and data that make a project come to success. Working with us always has benefits:

  • Reasonable budget;
  • Our processes guarantee the quality of our work;
  • We are flexible and adapt to different requirements;
  • We provide value to the projects by proposing different solutions;
  • We report openly the status of the work we are doing;
  • We meet the agreeded planing;
  • We work on fix budget basis.

Life-cycle Services

iGEM Solutions is committed to offering a permanent service until the final acceptance of the project or solution. Once accepted, the possibility of hiring a personalized assistance service will be offered to support the production, supply of parts and performance of preventive, corrective or predictive maintenance.

We are a service company and, as such, we provide the best service to our customers both remotely and in person at the facilities. Contact us, tell us your needs and we will be happy to offer you the best service solution.